Who We Are

Our Mission is Support The Clients Who Are Left Unsupported through highly-developed and innovative repair, service, engineering, and warehousing solutions.

Our Vision is To Be The Leading Service Provider with the most versatile and dynamic solutions for all industries.

With over 40 years of experience, RESET is the solution for technology support, hardware repair and maintenance. Many times, the issues or hardware seem unfixable due to a variety of issues but that is where RESET excels – providing a solution to the most challenging situations. We support the unsupported. Whether it be out of warranty, communication/networking, printed circuit boards (PCB), hardware repairs, or challenging upgrades we thrive in each and every unique situation.

RESET began as repair specialists for parts no longer supported by an OEM, and have since evolved to also provide parts sourcing, warranty support, system assembly, warehousing, field service and quality control for virtually any type of equipment no matter the industry.

If you are not sure who to call for a repair, RESET is probably your answer.