Logistics & Warehousing

What’s a repair company without spare parts?

Warehousing parts will be…

  • Stored off-ground
  • Received, verified and logged
  • Stockpiled using location tagging
  • System administered for tracking and inventory control
  • Picked, packed, and shipped professionally in a timely manner

Let us worry about that…

  • Flexible warehouse space
  • Staffing – Asset security
  • Forklifts and other equipment
  • Product reaching your clients

Some projects to consider…

  • Boxing/branding
  • Perishable inventory monitoring (think batteries)
  • Min/max purchasing

High level goals of warehousing with inventory management

  • FIFO accountability
  • Critical spares identification
  • Mitigating downtime with reduced lead times for spares replacement

What sets our warehouse service apart is that we are a technology company. We have the ability to test and inspect parts to assure they are end-client ready. RESET is a small enough organization to be flexible, but experienced enough to meet the expectations of our Fortune 100 clients.