Engineering Collaboration

Through Hardware Integration we collaborate with the client through the design and development of parts for their devices. This can happen in a number of ways…


For repair projects, hardware integration revolves around the review and assessment of materials used in the part. This can include venting, stability, and environmental influences all of which impact the functionality and life of a part.

For system assimilation, it revolves around integrating components, which often come from a variety of different vendors, to upgrade end-client systems. For instance, taking a robust printing system and incorporating it into a high-volume feeder can improve the overall system performance.

At the shop!

RESET maintains a state-of-the-art machine shop to manage short-run manufacturing. We can handle project retrofits, prototyping, and the development of other add-on parts as needed to keep systems going.

With the help of our CNC machines, our engineers can:

  • Develop prototypes
  • Produce short run manufacturing options
  • Machine integration builds
  • Create other engineering components